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We're the biggest small agency in the world.

Big is good. 

Big is capabilities, resources, and a deep bench. Big is global perspective and cool offices in places like São Paulo or Perth.

Small is good, too. 

Small is speed and senior attention. Small is efficiency and treating every at-bat like there’s two outs in the bottom of the ninth.

In the old world, circa March 2020, clients had to make a choice. In the new world, circa now, you don’t.

Barrett Hofherr is both small and big. Smig, if you will.

We have full-time employees in eight cities. We have best-in-breed partners specializing in everything from media buying to event planning to PR. And we do business around the world, through our relationship with TheNetworkOne.

Big has its benefits. Small has its strengths.

Like no other agency in the world, we’re committed to being both.

Our philosophy

You want to go far, we’ll seek to take you farther. You want to go high, we’ll seek to take you higher. We’re not saying there are no dark tunnels out there. We’re just saying there’s an end to all those tunnels, and we’ll not only get there, we’ll help you find the light.

Our process

We work fast, the world demands that. But we don’t just huddle once, knock out a solution, and head for the parking lot. Our process is fluid. We lay out the situation. We listen and learn. We go deep and wide with our solutions. And then we do it all again. Your brand and your business are constantly in motion, and so are we.

Our powers

We are an independent, full-service, creatively-driven advertising agency. Our mission is to do the best work of our lives, make our clients incredibly successful, and have a positive impact on the world. If there’s a mission more ambitious than that please let us know, we’ll probably go for it. Meantime, when you have a moment, check out all the things we do.

Advertising & Design


TV, Streaming Video, Display, Radio,
Streaming Audio, Out-of-Home, Print


Logo and Brand Identity, Visual Design and Illustration,
Packaging, Photography Libraries, Brand Guidelines


Social Playbooks, Creative (Paid/Owned), Content Creation,
Community Management, Influencer Marketing


Trade Shows, Brand Experiences, Brand Activations,
Conferences, Stunts, Pop-Ups

Brand Strategy

Brand Language

Brand Positioning, Mission/Vision/Values, 
Messaging Architecture, Employee Value Proposition,
Name Generation

Brand Audits

Competitive Audit, Landscape and Gap Analysis,

Brand Campaigns

Consumer Segmentation, Messaging/Communications Strategy, 
Rollout/Comms Planning, Social Content Strategy, 
Omnichannel Journey Development

Brand Consulting

Business and Marketing Consulting, Fusion Planning,
Portfolio Strategy, IPO Prep

Media Planning & Buying

Audience Development and Strategy

Target Research, Channel Analysis, Communications Strategy

Results-Based Planning

Key Performance Indicators, Budget Modeling, Measurement Planning

All-Media Activation

Integrated Planning, Media Purchasing and Negotiation, Budget Management

Campaign Management and Optimization

Campaign Placements, Brand Partnerships, Campaign Reporting, Analysis

Integrated Production

Video Production

Broadcast, Digital, Streaming, Social

Digital Production

Websites, Banners, AR, VR, Web 3.0, META

Print Production

Print, OOH, Digital, Direct Mail,
Sales/Marketing Materials, POP


Brand Experiences, Stunts, Pop-Ups, Conventions,
Seminars, Trade Shows

Audio Production

Radio, Streaming, Podcasts

Social Media

Content Creation and Community Management

Performance Marketing


Landing Page Strategy, Homepage Optimization


Programmatic Display Campaigns, Search Engine Advertising,
Product Value Propositions, CTA Refining, Sweepstakes

Data & Analytics


Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research,
In-Depth Interviews (Stakeholders, Consumers)


Brand Tracker Dashboards, Concept Testing, Social Listening

Our playground

We’ve done work with Walmart in 27 countries. We rebranded one of the largest banks in Vietnam. We helped launch a sports betting app in Brazil and a money-transfer startup based in the Philippines. Through our relationship with TheNetworkOne, we can achieve unlimited scale depending on the nature of your business and your needs. 

Our partners

“Working with you on our Super Bowl commercial was a fantastic experience. The team captured the right balance between getting our message across and doing it in a fun, memorable way, thoughtfully pushing our own boundaries of comfort at times.”
— Udi Ledergor | CMO | Gong
"We are so fortunate to have the amazing relationship that we do with the entire team. Every aspect of our work together is handled as a partnership, and the dialogue we have regarding strategy or creative development is always genuinely focused on driving the best work and results."
— Jim Macksood | Vice President of Marketing | Sutter Health
“With a looming IPO and a brand new marketing leadership team, we needed urgent help. We had some sense of the spirit of Freshworks and where we could differentiate, but the challenge was how to articulate in a way that could be amplified to the world. You helped us do just that. Between Times Square and CNBC, we were able to raise our brand up out of India and onto the world stage. And now, we're off to the races. Thank you team, we look forward to the next chapter with you.”
— Stacy Epstein | CMO | Freshworks
“Creating a new city is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we wanted to make sure we found an agency to work with as committed and passionate as we are. You brought creativity, foundational thinking and a great spirit of collaboration.”
— Marc Lore | Serial Entrepreneur / Founder | Telosa
“As I reflect over the last few months of our relationship I just can't be more excited by what has happened. We hit it out of the park! We did an amazing job getting Coupa into the mainstream by really up-leveling our brand presence — across the board. Everybody from my high school classmates to the CEOs of some of the world's biggest companies have complimented us on our campaign. Thanks a lot guys for helping us up-level our game."
— Chandar Pattabhiram | CMO | Coupa
“I'm really excited with how the campaign is shaping up. The team has been great in the 11th hour and I really appreciate the last minute support. This is the first big campaign I'm launching at Attentive. Appreciate you for being great partners!”
— Sara Varni | CMO | Attentive
“When we started our search for an agency to help with our holiday campaign, we knew we were looking for a strong team who would be partners with us. What we noticed about you is that they truly work as one team. Leaning on each other's strengths to solve problems together. We were very appreciative of the partnership and success of the campaign. Not only did it get great internal praise from our executive team, but also showed brand success with our new and returning customers.”
— Kristen Coast | Director of Creative Production | Redbubble
“I want to thank you again for all of your hard work. The brand awareness videos have served us well! 74% reported an increase in brand trust, 85% reported a positive opinion change, and 81% reported increased company interest. I take all of this as more evidence creativity pays off in the B2B space.”
— Cate Newsom | Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy | Freshworks
“I have been in the marketing game a long time. Long enough to have been on both the agency and the client side. And long enough to recognize when a partnership is something special. The relationship that I have personally built with the team is definitely special. Beyond receiving consistently great work from the team, I have enjoyed getting to know each of you as people. I appreciate the comradery, the down-to-earth attitude, and the collective sense of humor - something you all know is high on my list of good qualities!”
— Colleen Cavanaugh | VP, Creative | World Market
"Note of thanks to team Barrett Hofherr for the awesome work on the Brand Mission video. I saw the final cut today and loved it! Thank you so much for all the hard work, and for knowing Chime so well. Appreciate you!"
— Vineet Mehra | CMO | Chime
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with great agencies over the years but none of them come close to the quality of work you delivered. A company's growth is dependent on fully understanding the mission, vision, values, and identity of an ever-expanding team and market. The agency was able to capture and help us tell our story in a meaningful and differentiated way. Thank you for helping us lay the creative foundation for our next stage of growth.”
— Kyle Lacy | SVP of Marketing | Seismic
“We wanted to create a relatable ad highlighting some of the many questions parents ask throughout the day. Our goal is to offer peace of mind and give parents one less thing to worry about. A big thank you to the agency, our dream partners who brought our vision to life in only 2 months!”
— Leila Chung | VP, Brand & Marketing | Pipette
“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the incredible work you and your teams did to get us here. I couldn’t have asked for better partners for our rebrand. Your whole team put in a tremendous amount of work and we’re so fortunate to have had you as partners.”
— Radhika Duggal | Chief Marketing Officer | Super
“Today’s reveal of our new identity went incredibly well! All kinds of positive feedback from people all across the org. Thank you so much for the hard work on the system and also getting us to today’s meeting!”
— Jillian Davis | Head of Brand | Nav
“We were working on a tight budget and needed something timely and unique, an idea that would strike a nerve. COVID kept people in their homes too much, and the team tapped into "home empathy" – our houses were a little tired of us, too. This led to a fun, playful, irreverent campaign that won at the award shows.”
— Ron Sandel | General Manager | Hotel Tonight/Airbnb
"By shining your creative light on this extraordinary group of humans, they were seen & heard in new ways. You didn't go for sympathy; you created admiration. In turn, it created a ripple effect of empowerment, self-love and confidence. It's been a true pleasure and privilege to work alongside your team."
— Dana Andrew | Brand Marketing | Special Olympics
"The strategy, context, collaborative process and creative thinking you brought to the table enabled us to collectively develop and then align on a vision, mission, value proposition, name, logo and visual identity. Our brand launch is truly spectacular! We’ve gotten very positive feedback from our employees, customers, prospects, partners and colleagues across tech and beyond."
— Michael Londgren | CMO | Responsive
"OMG - what a HIT! The whole company left inspired. Thank you again for the amazing work."
— Katie Buntsma | Head Creative & Production Operations | Chime
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